Celebrate Your Failures

A couple of weeks ago my wife sent me a clip from a movie that she and my daughter were watching. This clip quickly became one of my favorite 30-Second clips of all time (yes, that includes Remember the Titans, “Left Side, Strong Side”, and even Gladiator, “Are You Not Entertained”) The clip is from the movie, Meet the Robinsons.

The clip, if you haven’t seen it, is about a young boy, Lewis Robinson, who attempts a new experiment in front of a family from the future. They are all ecstatic about the invention and excited for Lewis! Enthusiastic to show everyone, he starts it up. But to his dismay, it does not go as well as he had hoped. The young boy immediately covers his face and starts apologizing. But the reaction from the adults is noteworthy. Without missing a beat, they start clapping, whooping and hollering, and congratulating him for failing. All together they give examples of how their inventions have flopped (i.e. fireproof pants and a meatball cannon — hilarious btw) His Aunt Billie even says, “From Failing, You learn… From success, not so much”. The clip wraps up with a fortune cookie that says, “Keep Moving Forward”. HOW PROFOUND!?! This is exactly the type of lens that we need to view failure with!

Unfortunately, our poor relationship with failure starts at an early age. As we move through life, that relationship becomes worse and worse. By the time we have reached adulthood, a negative lens has been created! We now see failure as a horrible, terrible thing that must be avoided at all costs. Sooner or later, we stop setting goals for ourselves and life starts to disintegrate because we are too afraid to fail.

When in reality, those failures are needed. WE NEED THEM!!!

As Zig Ziglar said, “Failure brings you one step closer to success”. Every time you fail, get excited. You have been blessed to figure out the way to NOT do it. You just became THAT much smarter and you inched THAT much closer towards success. Imagine if Thomas Edison would have given up on attempt 999…

ACTION STEP: Start to change your relationship with failure. The next time you fail, whether it’s losing a big-time client or even breaking a plate, let yourself be excited! Jot down somewhere, whether your phone or a napkin, how you just became smarter! Whatever you do, follow the advice from Meet The Robinsons, and KEEP. MOVING. FORWARD.