Become Friends with Failure

Friendship is one of the greatest gifts given to mankind. There is nothing better than finding either a person or persons to lean on, cry with, and grow together. I’m not talking about an acquaintance with an occasional head nod, and I’m certainly not talking about imaginary friends either. (Thanks a lot Dakota Fanning in Hide and Seek.)

As a friend, it is your duty to help the other person be a better human being. You are responsible to encourage and push them, provide a shoulder to cry on, voice to them when they’re screwing up, etc…

This is the type of friendship we should have with Failure. We should allow it to form us, shape us, and encourage us, while at the same time allowing it to tell us when we screw up. Unfortunately, more often than not, we see failure more as a foe - something we should stay away from and never speak about (Similar to, “Those We Don’t Speak Of” from The Village)

Let’s look at Webster's definition of Friend: “One that Favors or Promotes something (such as clarity); a Favored Companion; One that is not hostile” Imagine if instead of viewing Failure as an adversary, we started seeing our failure as a friend who wants to see us improve and be a better human being.

5 Minute Challenge

Grab your favorite drink - whether that’s coffee, water, or wine - and set a timer for 3 minutes. During this time, visualize your most recent Failure. While visualizing, view that Failure as a friend who helped you grow. Start to change your relationship with Failure, because if you do, it will be one of the most impactful relationships of your life.